The Magic of a Vision Board

This was my first vision board for Deliberately Classy. I really wanted to go with a classy James Bond girl look and feel at first. I still love this board, and every time I look at it, it exhilarates me! (GIRL, when was the last time you felt exhilarated?) 

Looking back and seeing how far this vision has grown is really a feeling, indescribable by a word. It feels great, amazing, accomplished, inspiring, crazy insane…  I am proud of my journey. I posted this as my first Instagram post back on February 3, 2018. That was just under one year after my best friend soulmate, Heather, passed away. I was coming out of mourning and needed a project. Why not create an awesome mascara that was shipped direct to you? Why not? I took a very dark part of my life, and found a distraction. I was able turn pain into power.  I was able to look at the experience and realized my life needed to change. I watched her bravery and determination as she created the final chapters of her life. She literally just flipped a switch and was on a mission to live out her last days, her way. HER WAY. She was the author to her story and touch so many other stories of the people who supported her through her transition. She made sure to gift her beloved family and friends with special treasures. Now that she is gone, we look at those special items, and we will forever be reminded of her dying wish to be present. One of her famous quotes she told people was, “When you think of what to leave behind in life, wish to leave behind a place in people’s hearts.” With that the journey began, it was time for me to knowingly writing my own story. 

With that I encourage you to create a vision board for yourself, take time to think about the big and small things you want in your life. Here is a basic guide if you are a first timer. You can also do this electronically and use the picture as your screensaver. I enjoy the old fashion paper board approach. 

I would love to see your vision boards, post them up and tag deliberatelyclassy. I will make sure to cheer you on!


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Specially designed by my cousin Leah.

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