The Funk

2017 was a very tough year for me and I knew I needed to take drastic action to stop my negative self-destruction patterns that were starting to affect my everyday life. I was working on a big idea but needed my head back on straight. At the beginning of summer, I made 2 goals for myself. One, to mediate for 30 days straight. Mediation was never something I was successful at, and really, I have no idea why I felt this was what I needed but did it anyways.  My second goal was to only listen to inspirational books and podcasts instead of music. During my first couple days of mediation, I remembered a book I was asked to read a part out loud to a friend. The author encouraged her readers to examine themselves, their internal make up and learn to accept yourself. This was a lifetime struggle for me, I didn’t love myself. I remember reading the book thinking, what person would be willing to go this deep? I sure wasn’t, so I pushed the thought away. Yet every time I mediated, this book would surface in my mind. After a few days, I said to myself a quote that Tony Robbins says, “If you can’t you must”.

That day I downloaded the audiobook by Louise Hays: You Can Heal Your Life. This book invades your soul, makes you think of things that you have locked away for good reason, knowingly or not. This book opened my eyes to why I am the way I am and gave me tools to accept myself and start to love myself. Truly understanding your make up, why you do the things you do, why you think the way you think is crucial to be your best self.

Okay, why did I stop to tell you that I am a hippie dippy that believes in these self-love cheerleaders? Because I know, without the lessons I have learned over the years from mentors like, Tony and Louise, I would not be here writing to you about my journey to starting a Cosmetic Empire.

Side note: During this time, I was in a holding pattern, I could not find a company that would work with me to create my own mascara formula. My goal was to find a local company in the Los Angeles area. I wanted to be able to work with them closely & learn from them. After weeks of little to no progress on finding a cosmetic manufacture I decided I would open my search to outside California.

One chapter in You Can Heal Your Life, was about believing so deeply in yourself being successful, that you need to trust the universe. WHOA trust the universe, are you kidding me? I barely trust some of my friends, and you want me to trust the universe. I remember thinking to myself, why am I even reading this book? Then Louise suggested a mantra to chant, if trusting wasn’t something you naturally were open to.

What I Need Will Come To Me.

What I Need Will Come To Me.

What I Need Will Come To Me.

What I Need Will Come To Me.

What I Need Will Come To Me.

And for some magical reason this became my inner mantra, I repeated this out loud throughout the day outload &and in my head. I told my husband about it, and he sweetly smiled at me, as his eyes yelled, CRAZY PANTS!

Then something amazing happened, or what I should I say someone amazing appeared. All my chanting about what I need will come to me, it came! My husband for weeks had been going on about a couple of his coworkers’ girlfriends who were in the makeup business. A few times I asked him to set up a double date, get me in front of them but that never happened. I finally said, “Ask if I can have their numbers and I will contact them myself.” My sweet husband got me one phone number, now I needed to ask for the date. Within days I had a lunch date with Leah, who was the girl I needed. I think I even told her I had been chanting about her, and she still stayed for lunch. She was so sweet, frankly almost too good to be true, but I put my skepticism to the side and soaked it all up. By the end of the meeting she was offering to introduce me to at least two different cosmetic manufacturers.

I will forever be grateful to her, check out her blog page:

Here we are at MAKE UP Los Angeles Show

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