The Color Factory is Magic

The Color Factory in New York City is so worth the admission price! If you can get a sold out ticket, do it! It is located in SoHo's Hudson Square neighborhood, just next to a Starbucks! The Color Factory is a collaborative interactive exhibit that feeds you sweets along your way, and even ends with a free memento of your choice. I picked the awesome ruler! I am excited to share some of my favorite rooms during my visit with you! It starts as soon as you walk through the doors, find the coat check under this elegantly beautiful ribbon display! 

After you enter, you go through the rainbow rooms. They provide you with a scan card, that you can swipe at each of their perfectly positioned cameras and the picture will be emailed to you. From there is an awesome opportunity to act like Lucy & Ethel, with their Macaroon manufacturing belt. However, Cindy and I decided to keep it classy, and refrained from shoveling all the cute rainbow cookies that we could into our mouths. 

 Next you enter into what I could only imagine (thanks to the movies) a prison like visiting center, where you are seated across from someone with a glass window between you two. You put on the headset and follow the instructions to draw something special for your partner sitting across from you. I swear I didn't pick the pink seat, it picked me! 

Next is the crazy floating ball room, where kids answers are printed on these floating balls. The question they were asked: What is your wish for the world?

My favorite: "For unicorns to be real." Cassidy Age 9

This room is awesome, it is like doing a life size magazine quiz. 

Next is what can only be describe as a glitz and glam room, with some awesome neon lips! 

Just before you exit through the gift shop, you get to experience the blue room! Everything is blue, and they even have some funnies up around the wall that are blue related. You get to swim and dive in a sea of blue balls too! 

The bathrooms and gift shop are all fun places to check out too! Here are a few of my favorites from those areas. Not pictured, the silver glittery toilet seats. 

I hope you enjoyed our silly photos from The Color Factory NYC, grab your bestie and book your trip soon, I don't believe it is around for much longer.

Be Deliberate. XO

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