The Brush

My mascara expertise, is self-taught. I know what I like, what I love & what I will not tolerate. Mascara is a staple; most women will lock onto one mascara and use it for the majority of their lives. Until my desire to create my own line started, I had been a loyal to my drug store mascaras for at least 10 years. One of the first things I did was go out and bought every award winning, trendy and social media loved mascara available. I tested them all the same, and to my surprise found a few that I actually liked. Some of the newer brushes where cool, I even found a wand that you could twist and adjust before application. I even tried tubing my lashes too, which was a great concept for you waterproof mascara lovers. Another cool thing I learned is that a lot of mascara come with directions. YES, directions. I was thoroughly impressed that when I follow some of the directions I had a better-looking set of lashes!

Even with all the new brush possibilities I decided my first go to market mascara will have a classic bristled brush that can get your top and bottom lashes easily. I wanted to stick with a round cap, this will give you the flexibility to get any angle.

I learned very quickly the following

A bad mascara formula + a good brush = good mascara                                                                        A good mascara formula + a bad brush = good mascara                                                                        A good mascara formula + a good brush = excellent mascara

Excellence is the only road I travel.                                                                                                                   I was lucky enough to meet a lady who some call the “mascara wand queen” at a makeup show in Los Angeles. She worked with me on what I wanted & offered to create a custom wand for me. I have mentioned in the past that I used two different mascaras for my daily routine. I would put the first layer on with a big brush to get the thickness I desired. Then I would apply my second coat with a smaller wand that caught all my details. My goal was to create a brush that gave me a thick coat & still pick up on all the little details. One coat for the natural look, two costs for a more dramatic lash.

After our meetings she said she would send me some to test my mascara formula with. A few weeks later a packaged arrived… I was on my way home, when my amazing hubby let me know my package was delivered. The drive home my eagerness was building. As I opened the box to find my brushes it was like the most electrifying feeling. I felt proud, excited, scared but most of all, and the feeling I will never forget is, the feeling of confirmation that what I am doing is what I was meant to do.  Now I need to get my formula right…

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