The Broad Museum with Deliberately Classy

When you become a wife, mom and professional you, knowingly or unknowingly, stop doing things that you use to have the time to do. You know like eat ice cream for dinner because no one else is around?! Those were the days….

I digress.

Growing up I was a huge crafter, just like mom, we always had a project going on. Going through college & getting started with my career, crafting was very limited in my life. I didn’t even realize this was something I stopped doing, or that I missed it. I remember after having my first baby, and being a new mom, the lack of sleep, the crazy emotional roller coaster ride of being a new parent was tough. I recall just getting this feeling that I needed to paint something. It was the something I needed to get through. When I start an art project around the house I know that I am going through something and need my creative time to process it. In the past years I have starting taking photos which is a great way to get creative, the best part NO CLEAN UP! I started taking pictures of architecture, art, nature, and pink things. Art has become my newest fascination.

I got to do a quick trip to The Board in Downtown Los Angeles. The big attraction right now is the Infinity Mirrors, which is amazing.  I was also super excited to find some other gems , especially the Warhol’s!

One of the more popular artist displaying work is Jeff Koons, who does the metallic beauty’s like these. According to wiki, he holds the title of selling the most expensive piece of art work done by a living artist. His orange dog sold for over 58 million dollars.


A style of Andy Warhol I have never seen used by him was the Rorschach. This piece is part of a rare series in which Warhol does not rely on preexisting images.

The Two Marilyn’s was there, which was painted by Warhol after Marilyn passed. Warhol had just learned how to silkscreen a few months before.

The Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors  was awesome. I had to wait 90-minutes, but was free to explore the museum during that time.  I didn’t realize that you actually walk into what I can only describe as a huge walk in closet. The door closes behind you, and you are in darkness for a brief moment before the lights come on and mesmerize you. It is an incredible experience, absolutely worth the wait.

Bonus Tip: I highly suggest if you haven’t walked around the Walt Disney Concert Hall, take a few minutes to hop across the street and explore.

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