Technology Tuesday with DELIBERATELY CLASSY iPhone Reminders

Remember the days when your parents would tell you, ‘Remind me when we get home to turn on the sprinklers.’ Or ‘remind me when we get home to send Leah a birthday card.’ Well guess what, no need to have a person nearby to remind you of all the things you’re going to forget. Your iPhone can do this for you. HEY SIRI, remind me _________________

 In our house you often hear me talking to Siri, ‘Hey Siri Remind Me’ is a common practice at our house. What can you do with it you ask? Please allow me to show you!

Location based reminders, you need to tell your phone where your home/work is located, or it will present you with options. (Side note: Your location services have to be enabled to some extent for real time reminders). Basically, as soon as you pull up to your destination specific location, your phone will remind you.

My newest find on this handy dandy tool is the repeat reminder, huge help for us busy ladies who need to remember to take a prescription daily. “Hey Siri Remind Me to take my prescription everyday at 6pm.”

You can always set these up by using your fingers too, I just prefer to use Siri as much as possible.

Here is the guide on Apple’s site:

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