Salt Room Experience

I went to a salt room.

Have you seen these?

It is a room with walls, floors and ceilings of salt, the practice is called Halotherapy or dry salt therapy. It is a holistic, natural therapy using microparticles of pure salt. At the Salt Room I visited, they had salt from the from the dead sea which creates a negative ion microclimate blah blah (read about those details on wiki) But really it is a Zen like room with a lawn chair, optional comfy blanket and your feet in the salt. Which is like having your feet in slightly wet Caribbean sand, with the addition of mood lighting. You chill, in silence, and breath in the salt filled misty air. The 45 minutes session was fun with my 3 other girlfriends. However, if you don’t get the room to yourself, you are supposed to stay quiet.

Many caves require you to remove your shoes—just like at a spa—before you enter the salty, sand pit room.  Most caves also ask you to leave behind your electronic devices before entering, so be ready to participate in a short digital detox. As you can tell, I didn’t obey that rule, because I planned to share this experience with all of you!

When inside, you’ll notice the cave is a bit cooler than normal air temperature, which is due to the salt-infused air being pumped into the room.

The magic is supposed to happen after the session, claims that  you’ll be able to breath better, healthier skin, clears your sinus and even  boasts  to promote sounder sleep.

The next day....

I slept just like normal.

But my feet are sweating, the lady said that was common. Releasing of toxins via your feet & hands. You could also experience a runny nose or slight cough, none of which I have. Overall, I would say it was a great experience, and I would go back if I had a sinus infection. If you are into meditation or lunchtime naps, this place would be a great place for you. I overheard that they have a magical Reiki massage with a gentleman that can tell you about your past lives. If you are into that and around Westlake Village, CA  check out (currently first visit is free)


Deliberately Classy Always. XO

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