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The beach is the only THING I miss from CA, seeing these pictures make me yearn for a drive down PCH, my toes in the sand & the waves crashing down in their perfect calming rhythm. But let’s get real, the quality of life being outside California far outweighs Malibu!! The happy people, no traffic, nature around every corner, people looking out for one another, just to name a few wins of leaving California. The transition from Southern California to Oregon has brought so many opportunities, new friends, and a huge reduction in our cost of living which will allow us to travel the world. (one day, thanks COVID)

I know the thought of living outside your known bubble is hard to even consider…. but if you are feeling like life is a grind, I AM SCREAMING FROM MY LITTLE TOWN IN OREGON: Life DOES NOT have to be a grind. In most places outside California you can work at Starbucks & own a home. Outside the perfectly polish town you live in you can take your passion, literally anything (baking, jewelry making, farming, flowers, detailing cars) and make it a profitable business that with some hard work and dedication, will pay for all your expenses.

Often times, it is hard to dream. I challenge you to write down a list of what YOUR DREAM LIFE would look and feel like. Like seriously, write this like you are 8 years old and just have a vision. Before the world starting dictating what you should or should not being doing. 

My list since moving to Oregon has become so simple:

  1. Have the option of retiring by time I am 40. (I will never stop working, but I want the option) 
  2. Be more present with my family.
  3. Continue to work on loving myself, and teach that to my children.
  4. Use the land of the farm, to pay for the farmhouse mortgage. 

My California List would have been very different since my focus was surviving. My point is, think beyond your comfort zone. Consider life in a place where the price of your handbag isn’t even a thing! Your sole focus is your family, career, friends and seasonal activities! (Sunny River Days, Snow, Autumn Colors & Spring Flowers) Oh & if you get lucky, a town that doesn’t even know what smog is! Reach out to your friends and family that have left California, you know that list is growing, and ask them questions around the things you have concerns about. Go visit towns, see new possibilities, be curious and just for a moment consider what your life would be like in a new bubble.

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