Mascara Types

No one can deny the difference mascara makes! This make up marvel can make you look younger, sexy, playful, smart, sassy or whatever your desired look is  with just a layer or two!

Today’s beauty supply market is overloaded with products from various manufacturers and brands. Therefore, the process of picking the right mascara for you can be easier said than done, especially when you do not know what to look for. The mascara market is full of different types of mascaras that all claim to add volume, lengthen, thicken and even fortify the lashes. Here is a high level on mascara labels  and what they mean.

Water-soluble Mascaras: These are the most popular types of mascaras. They can be removed with any makeup remover or water but only the good ones will last you all day.

Waterproof Mascaras: Waterproof mascaras are waterproof which means that they do not smudge and are designed to stay on until removal. They tend to be harder to wash off and may need an oil-based remover.


Mascara Tubing (Water proof mascara option): Check out Blinc, this one of a kind, waterproof mascara tubes your lashes. Leaving your lashes long and painted all day. When it is time to wash, only water is required for an easy damage free removal.

Powder Mascara: Power mascara has to be mixed using water so that it can be applied using a wand. When used, powder mascara tends to have a false-eyelash effect.

Mascara Primer: Primer offers the same benefits as other primers. Mascara primers helps prime the lash to receive an application of mascara. You can choose a traditional primer or dust lashes with loose power before applying mascara.


Lengthening Mascara: This type of mascara helps to lengthen the lashes. Lengthening Mascaras can contain nylon and rayon so that the mascara can cling to the lashes and extend them.

Thickening / Volumizing Mascara: Thickening or Volumizing Mascara are created to help those with thin lashes boost them up to look lush and full. They can contain silicone polymers and waxes that help to add bulk and darken the lashes for a denser appearance.

Curling Mascara: If your lashes are poorly defined, the curling mascara would be ideal for use. Curling mascaras tend to use  polymers that contract when the mascara is applied. The end result is lashes that havea lift and shrinkage for a more distinct shape. It is like you have hair spray in your mascara!

Zero – Clumps Mascara: No clump mascaras are manufactured using glycerin and silk extracts to help users avoid a clumpy final look.

Color Mascara: Mascara that is colorful, maybe even metallic. Not recommended for the faint of heart. Look for a future blog on 3 tips for wearing color mascara!

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