Why it is Important to Replace Your Mascara Every 90 Days

When it comes to kitchen products, a lot of individuals are very careful about expiration  dates. However, the same cannot be said of common beauty products, such as mascara. Like medicine and food, mascara has a use by date that a lot of women tend to ignore. Mascara is like milk, it has a clear expiration date, however once it is opened, it will only last so long before it starts to spoil.  If you ignore the lifespan of your mascara, it can cause a host of eye problems that you want to avoid.

Eyelashes are a screen that sifts any particles and other components so that your eyes can be protected at all times.  As such, because they are designed to keep things from entering your eye, lashes contain all types of bacteria, which is completely natural and expected.

As soon as your mascara wand touches your lashes, it too also collects that bacteria. Your mascara wand can also attract bacteria from the atmosphere, every time you take the wand in and out of the tube, you are potentially attracting germs and air into the product.     Most mascara contains preservatives with the intention of slowing down the growth of bacteria. That preservative can only protect you for so long. Once that stops working, that nasty bacteria can cause eye irritation, discomfort or in worse cases, serious eye infections such as pink eye and styes.

Signs that you need to replace your mascara

  • If you cannot recall the date that you bought your mascara, then it is definitely time to get a replacement. Mascara packages do not always have an expiration date so if you have had it for too long, then it is probably time to replace it. Or even better get on the list for having it delivered every 90 days to you automatically here
  • When you get an eye infection or when you start to notice a general eye irritability every time you complete an application, then it is time to replace your mascara.
  • When yourmascara starts to clump orif you notice that removing is more difficult than normal, it is an indication that you need to ditch your old mascara.

Keeping track of when you opened your mascara is not high on most women’s priority list, so let Deliberately Classy deliver mascara to you every 90 days automatically, sign up here.

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