Inside the Empire…

Inside the Deliberately Classy Empire

What does it mean to be a part of the Deliberately Classy Empire?

Everyone’s vision will different, so I will start with sharing mine. My vision has many views:

Scene One, My Personal Favorite:

I am on a yacht with my family on a little get away. Sales are coming in while I lie in the sun watching my kids play. FREEDOM. FLEXIABLITY. HEALTHY WORK LIFE BALANCE.

Scene Two:

Deliberately Classy has a community that inspires women to create their own happiness. This organization coaches’ women from all around the world, that everything is possible. Their life is a story, and the writer is THEM. They control the story of their life, they write their own damn story! The Deliberately Classy Non-Profit Organization mission is to educate young girls that their future is determine by their actions, nothing they want to achieve is out of reach.  SERVING OTHERS. INSPIRING WOMEN. HELPING THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED.

Scene Three:

A career that I enjoy and love, working with a team that inspires me to be my best self. UNITY. TEAMWORK. PASSION. DETERMINATION.

As I interview different team members, I am looking for entrepreneurs that are ready to take over the world. A team that is not afraid of hard work, creativity and leadership. I am building something that is going to run like a well-oiled machine, but the work to get there will be an adventure. There is no other company like Deliberately Classy. I know that if we work our butts off for the next 5 years, our lives and the live of some many other will be forever changed for the better.

What is your vision? Share with me your vision!

10 Empowered Females, to build an Empire bigger than Charlie’s Angels!

Any of this sound like a fit for you? Please contact me on any of my social platforms.

I have been asked if costs to be a part of the team, the answer is NO.

I have been asked if you have to pay for anything upfront, the answer is NO.

I get that this may sound too good to be true, but I am telling you, it isn’t.

Try me.



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