Technology Tuesday with DELIBERATELY CLASSY HQ Trivia

Ladies & Gents, if you are not playing HQ Trivia you are missing out. First off Scott Rogowsky is amazingly silly, and although he loves to hear himself talk, he is pretty funny. We play this every night with our kids, along with a million other people from around the world. It is a series of questions, that have a grand prize at the end. Typically, it is $2500 in prize money. However so many people win they split the money, so every winner gets a few bucks or pennies. It is a bunch of trivia multiple choice questions, that you get 10 seconds to answer correctly. The first few are easy, then they get harder and to date, I personally have not won. However I do know one lucky winner who won a whopping 28 cents!  But regardless, it is fun times, give it a try.  

Few tips, play in groups. Be on wifi & stay chill in the chat. Know that you can swipe right to get rid of the chat window. You can thank me later & please remember me when you win big!

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