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I don’t think I ever truly understood the word “GRATITUDE” until I was in my thirties. That is, let’s face it, kind of pathetic. But I didn’t know. I wasn’t taught to do more than the polite “thank you” which I have always fully embraced. I was thankful when someone did something for me, gave me something or was happy about life situations…But I didn’t feel gratitude, the attitude of true thankfulness, until recently.

And I am so thankful (ha ha) to be on this journey of gratitude. Anytime I want to better myself at something, I immerse myself in it.

Often my first step into full immersion is something that I feel most people are not utilizing enough and I wanted to share a life changing gem with you… Podcasts. Do you listen to them?

I highly suggest that you find a way to incorporate some podcast listening, whether it’s during your commute, at the gym, some quiet time with coffee in the morning, or at night to help settle your mind to unwind from your day. Pick a topic that inspires you, teaches you, excites or calms you, something that will broaden your horizons – it’s really quite extraordinary how many topics you will find out there. So, as part of this gratitude challenge, I encourage you to focus on topics that are positive, uplifting and leave you feeling refreshed or empowered.

I heard an inspiring one this week that I happen to fall upon, the Breaking Beauty Podcast featured, Emily Weiss, from Glossier. ( I will be dedicating time to find  more inspiring podcasts for the next few weeks, and will share them with you all. Here are some of my current favorites:

MFCEO is my favorite, it is very a genius of a man, Andy Frisella, tells it like it is in life. Business, mindset, lessons with the F word being dropped at least every other sentence. So be aware, the MFCEO, stands for Mother F​*cking CEO. If curse words bother you, don’t do it. If not, the first episode to listen to is:

A few beauty & women ones that I have listen too, my goal is to find more of these! So if you have suggestions make sure to send my way please.

Breaking Beauty

Self-Made Women with Corrie Jones

The Goal Digger Podcast – Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding

Boss as Fuck with Katie Seller

I also like a little Brad Lea. This one is awesome though, make sure you listen: How to Spot a Bullsh!ter with Janine Driver, she is awesome!!!

 Please share any podcasts with me that you think are worth listening to! Play it forward 🙂

 Deliberately Classy Always. XO

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