Cover Those Grey’s Between Your Salon Visits

Having dark hair blue eyes, is something you will never hear me complain about. However, I do have grey hair, and lots of it, which requires a little extra work between trips to the salon to keep the silvery roots out of sight. I could see my colorist every twenty days for touch ups, but I do not have the time or a budget for that. What I do have are some tricks to keep those greys covered up.

Dye your part only. What does that mean? Read on for clarity. Just in case you missed the part about me being brunette, I do not suggest doing this on bleached hair without further instructions from your hairdresser.

The Color & Tools

If you don’t know what color you need, ask your stylist if you can buy a tube of hair dye from them just to touch up your roots between visits. My hair dresser has always sold me a bottle, but you could also just ask the color, and can go to a beauty supply to get it yourself. A few other things to pick up are: plastic gloves (target has these in the cleaning section and are less expensive than buying them from a beauty supply), a brush and bowl, developer and hair dye remover (mine works! I know some do not so do your research).

I tend to just dye my natural part area, you know that part that your hair always defaults to? I part my hair THERE and apply the dye to that section and a few sections around the part area. You do not need to use the whole tube of dye, but maybe a quarter to a third of the tube, depending if you just do the part or the whole crown of your head. Follow the instructions on the bottle, make sure to rinse the color out of your hair until the water runs clear, then shampoo and condition. Use a good conditioner, ideally a color treated one.

Not Interested In Dying at Home, Try a Root Concealer Spray!

No desire to dye at home, no problem here is the real gem: Root Concealer Spray! I have tried a couple, but the one I prefer is Rita Hazan. I like this one the best because IF APPLIED correctly, it will not rub off on your hands, face and clothes like some of the lower end ones. These run $25 but if you pay attention to Ulta sales, you can sometime score 2 for $25! You want one that is water proof (until shampoo) and transfer proof. Putting it on correctly means follow the basic instructions on the label or watch their short video on youtube. Make sure you spray from the suggested distance. I was rushing one day and sprayed too close, that transfer free feature was lost.

If you know of any other tricks to keeping those greys away, please share!
XO -Deliberately Classy

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