Guilty of Cosmetic Hoarding

Truth is out, I am a hoarder, a cosmetics hoarder.

I have to admit I had a realization this week, I understand how one can become a hoarder. I always saw previews for the show Hoarders, and thought, how could anyone do that to themselves. Well my friends, I am a make-up hoarder. I happened to mention to my friend that I tell everything to, that I still used make up I had from high school. She freaked out. 'DeLaine you started a company to provide clean mascara every 90 days, but you’re still using make up from 20 years ago!?!?!?'

Guilty. I tried to justify this by saying it is just eye shadow, but I know she is right. The bacteria that can be found in a year-old eye shadow, has nothing on a 20-year eye shadow.

I went home and thought about it, why am I holding on to my teenage make up? I will just throw it away I say to myself as I head to my stash. I start to sweat as I walk down the hallway. I know this isn’t going to go well. I look at all my eye shadows that I have loved over the years, and say Sharon thinks I should throw you guys away. I quickly put everything back in its place and walk away. In that moment, the realization hits, I AM A COSMETICS HOARDER!

My make up hoarding box

Why is it so hard to throw away my amazing collection of eye shadows? I mean besides the fact I know some of these colors have been discontinued. These are not shades you can just replace. Each has a memory, I remember my first Mac Shadow purchase, I saved up twelve bucks to buy that coveted shade of pink! The pallets that I spent my hard earn waitress tips on, are irreplaceable, one-time editions! And I am just supposed to chuck them in the trash, with a thank you for serving me attitude?!!?!?

Based on a Glamour article, Microbiologist Jason Tetro told Glamour that "when you're constantly dipping into beauty products, you're introducing bacteria." So every time you apply a product, you're picking up the bacteria on your face and adding it into the product. That's definitely reason enough to pay attention to those expiration dates.

In case you're not sure how to tell when a beauty product expires, there's a few things to keep in mind. As a rule of thumb, mascara expires after three months. Most everything else is good for one year.

Good Bye, thank you for serving me all these years


After a few days of deep thought, I know it is time to say good bye. So, as I sit in in my house, supporting the request to stay inside until this COVID-19 goes away, it is time. It is time to purge and get excited for the new colors I will get to buy. I will also take the extra step of putting a date on my new eye shadows, so I know to toss them after their one-year birthday. And for my mascara, I will subscribe to to have my mascara delivered every 90 days!

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