Conquering Corona Anxiety

If you took the COVID-19 story and made it a NY Times best seller, we know a few things. One, that novel would be a page turning roller coaster ride. Two, there would be a number of emotions the reader would feel, sadness, fear, loss, anxiety, to name a few. Three, it would be categized as nonfiction. People ask me, what I think of this Corona craziness, and frankly I haven’t even processed what I think of it, I am just trying to survive it.  Sound familiar?

As we live, this real-life motion picture known as COVID-19, I think it is important to feel your emotions. It most likely will not be the same feelings every day, for me I have good and bad days. On good days, I can almost just not think about. I enjoy the extra cuddles with my kids, movie afternoons and the nature around me thriving! On bad days, it is hard to get out of bed. I feel angry, that this happening. I feel anxious if I will ever be able to go out again and not be an extreme germaphobe. I wonder if I will be able to even consider getting on a plane next time my job requires me to travel.

But my point is, you have to feel it! This reality we are in right now, is new. We were never trained to handle these things. If you would have pick up this page turning book, say in 2019 it would have been classified as fiction, no one would have ever guest it would switch over to the nonfiction section, in seconds! So those feelings that you may be avoiding, are expect. They are normal. They are to be felt now, so we don’t have to deal with them in the future.

I struggle with feeling emotions, so I am sure some of you are reading this laughing at me. I was asked once, why I avoid feeling my emotions. My answer: I feel so deeply it hurts, when I am happy, I am so happy, but when I am sad, it so deep, it physically hurts. Anyone else like that?

That same person told me to think of myself as the sky and think of emotions as a storm. The sky is always there blue and constant, the storm comes and goes, the sky remains. Your feelings will move through you like a storm. As I sat there and ponder that, she added. Have you ever seen the sky after a big storm? The sky is most beautiful after the storm!

I encourage you to let the feelings come, sit with them, acknowledge them and then let them pass through you. If you are unable to move on, reach out for help. Talk to a friend, journal, find a way to process your feelings in a healthy way. Just remember, that this is new territory, so give yourself some grace. You will get through this!

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