Avoid Mascara Bugs

Ladies, as you know I am a self-proclaimed mascara junkie. If my bottle even lasted three months, I would throw myself a party. But like clockwork, just before the three month mark, my mascara starts to dry so I make a mental note to go to the store for a replacement. But maybe you don’t lash up as much as I do, how long do you go on using your mascara for? 3 months? 6 months? A year?

Experts say you should replace mascara every three months. Each time you apply mascara you expose the formula to bacteria, which then gets closed off in your bottle, which has the potential of contaminating your mascara. Think about it, mascara is one of the few cosmetics where the brush lives inside the bottle. With time who knows what can grow in your beloved mascara? Old mascara can cause eye infections and irritation.

The three-month rule is a general guideline, but if you’re not using your mascara on a regular basis, pay attention to the signs. Drying out and flaking is a sign to toss it and buy a new tube. With the Deliberately Classy Subscription we take the thought out of it, and just deliver it to your door every 90 days. So, save time and skip the line let us take care of you. 

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