A Little More About Me

Here is a bit of background on me, my number one favorite thing to do: LAUGH.

Music, I would give up TV for Music, without a second thought.

My Top 5 Concerts:

  1. Rage Against the Machine, Coachella 2007
  2. Garbage, El Rey 2012
  3. Neil Young, The Desert Trip 2016
  4. The Raconteurs, The Wiltern 2012
  5. Adele, Staple Center 2016

Professional Bargain Hunter, there are times when I want something and will do whatever it takes to find it or make it for less. My recent find was a used Electra Beach Cruiser Bike for $40!!! I am also known to see something, and decide I can make better myself.

Top 5 Words to Describe Me:

  1. Sarcastic
  2. I am a dork, like a really awesome one that make you laugh a lot.
  3. Loyal
  4. Fearless
  5. Lacks a filter

Being a woman, has never slowed me down. I am artistic, but rather not touch a sewing machine, ever!

A few of my favorite things: Mascara, sunglasses, Wunderbar, cars, poker, cookies, coffee, peonies, getting a surprise card in the mail, spin class, dancing, travel, art, photography, inspirational people, reading, a good steak, purses, Halloween, wine tasting, and my Golden Doodle, Phoebe.

I am about to launch my first mascara and am excited to share the journey with you.

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