You Were Born to Be Real, Not Perfect

When you are raised by a perfectionist, you become a perfectionist. At an earlier age perfection seemed like a normal thing to strive for. I remember being 25 in my career when my boss stated during one of my annual … Read More

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Avoid Mascara Bugs

Ladies, as you know I am a self-proclaimed mascara junkie. If my bottle even lasted three months, I would throw myself a party. But like clockwork, just before the three month mark, my mascara starts to dry so I make … Read More

California to Oregon, Big Changes!

I moved from Thousand Oaks, California to Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg  is a little town with about 20,000 people. It has rivers, hiking, waterfalls and tons of wineries, it was recently featured in Sunset magazine as an up and coming city. … Read More

The Magic of a Vision Board

This was my first vision board for Deliberately Classy. I really wanted to go with a classy James Bond girl look and feel at first. I still love this board, and every time I look at it, it exhilarates me! … Read More

Inside the Empire…

What does it mean to be a part of the Deliberately Classy Empire? Everyone’s vision will different, so I will start with sharing mine. My vision has many views: Scene One, My Personal Favorite: I am on a yacht with … Read More

ATTENTION: Empire Builders!

I work in tech, so when people hear I am starting a cosmetic line their first questions is, why cosmetics?  This is one of my favorite questions. Mostly because I love the look on their faces when I answer with, … Read More

Winter Skin Care Tips

Dry skin is one of the classic signs of skin aging. As we age, our skin loses its natural oils which help in maintaining the moisture content of our skin. As those oils slowly get depleted, the skin becomes dry … Read More

The Color Factory is Magic

The Color Factory in New York City is so worth the admission price! If you can get a sold out ticket, do it! It is located in SoHo’s Hudson Square neighborhood, just next to a Starbucks! The Color Factory is … Read More

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