Epic Yellowstone Road Trip

In a matter of a week, we decided to take an epic road trip to Yellowstone from Southern Oregon. COVID-19 restrictions were lightening, so we figured we better beat the rush before people realized these magical sites were opening up. … Read More

Are You On Autopilot?

Look ladies, it took a tragedy to get me to start writing my story and I do not want you to make the same mistake. I was successful, married, kids, money, a nice house, great friends and family, but I … Read More

RV Life Winchester Bay Oregon

With 496 days of quarantine under our belt, when Oregon blessed private camp grounds to open, we started loading the RV. We had an idea of where we wanted to camp on the Oregon Coast, but had never explored that … Read More

Working From Home Like A Boss

Work From Home, now popularly known as WFH is something I have been doing successfully for years. Ditching the commute and the office small talk, sounded like a dream come true ten years ago when my company approved me working … Read More

Conquering Corona Anxiety

If you took the COVID-19 story and made it a NY Times best seller, we know a few things. One, that novel would be a page turning roller coaster ride. Two, there would be a number of emotions the reader … Read More

Guilty of Cosmetic Hoarding

I have to admit I had a realization this week, I understand how one can become a hoarder. I always saw previews for the show Hoarders, and thought, how could anyone do that to themselves. Well my friends, I am … Read More

You Were Born to Be Real, Not Perfect

When you are raised by a perfectionist, you become a perfectionist. At an earlier age perfection seemed like a normal thing to strive for. I remember being 25 in my career when my boss stated during one of my annual … Read More

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