6 Shower Must Haves Under $10

This Soap Saver is life. I know that is an extreme statement over a little plastic slotted bar soap holder but if you are like me and don’t like your soap soggy when you pick it up, this is for you! It keeps my soap lasting longer and in solid state! I got mine from World Market for $5, but I also see them on Amazon for the same price.  

A wide tooth comb is my newest addition to my shower routine. My beloved hair dresser told me she brushes her hair in the shower.  I was like wait what? She explained that when her hair has conditioner in it, she brushes it with a wide tooth comb before she rinses. Then when she gets out the shower she just lets her hair air dry. This locks in all the moisture keeping your hair smooth and soft. I experience a lot less frizz since adding this to my shower routine. 

 I don’t know about you, but pulling hair out of my drain is something I do not do. I am lucky that my husband will do it, but he hates doing it. What do you do when you hate something? Try to find a solution. Over the years my dear old hubby had tried a lot of devices that claim to keep our drains hair free, but not until he brought home  our bright green Shower Shroom did one last. This rubber shroom fits into your drain, and is designed so the water can still flow through it and be able to catch the hair!  (Leaving your shower a shower!) The clean-up is a bit more than what is advertised. but it is quick and easy to clean. I only have to clean it out a couple times a month!

 The Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with tanner, is magically. Keeps my legs moisturized and slightly golden tan all year long. You use it after you turn off the shower, but before you dry off. They have others without the tanner that I bet are fantastic too! I only use a dime size amount, a little goes a long way. I never have streaks either! Such a great invention! 

 A good scrub is always in my shower, for those rare occasions I have a couple extra minutes or am feeling super dry, I scoop out a handful of my favorite lemongrass tangerine coconut oil scrub, and rub myself down! This is essential throughout the summer and winter when my skin is taking a beating from the weather. Another route you can take is a set of scrub gloves! Use your own soap with these handy little gloves. 

 Girl, if you haven’t gotten yourself a Turbie Twist, stop what you are doing and order one! This super absorbent hair towel will cut your blow-drying time down drastically. Not to mention, keep it on while doing your make up, it will keep your hair, dry or wet, out of your face. I have seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond for under $10! Extra tip, if you want to keep your hair dry in the shower, put this on before you shower instead of a plastic cap!  

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