California to Oregon, Big Changes!

waterfall umpqua national forrest

I moved from Thousand Oaks, California to Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg  is a little town with about 20,000 people. It has rivers, hiking, waterfalls and tons of wineries, it was recently featured in Sunset magazine as an up and coming city. I have to say, it has something to it, think City of Paso Robles but 30 years ago. It has been a big change for our family, but there has been a lot of awesome things I have learn along the way. Today I will share the top 11 things I have learn during my first month here.

  1. Everywhere you look you see greenery, there are lots of trees, big pine trees, tulips and peonies the landscaping is so much more plush than Southern California. Everywhere you look you are surrounded by nature, rivers, lakes, wineries and breweries. Walking into the grocery store, you look up and you are surrounded by green mountains and clear sky’s. No smog out here. It is breathtaking.
  2. In this small town, most people know everyones business. This is both good and bad, for example, I asked if a Barber shop near us was good for my husband to get his hair cut at. To which I learned, that the barbers are nearly always drunk at that shop, and the one downtown has a better reputation.
  3. Another small-town perk, or maybe not a perk… is when you say, I’ll see you around. You will see them around.
  4. Housekeepers – apparently unless you are uber rich, you don’t have a housekeeper. Thanks to my lovely cousin, she connected us with a great one. Consider me uber rich, or just a person that hates cleaning.
  5. Sudafed – I got an intense cold just before moving to Oregon, by the time I arrived I was in need of some decongestant. I headed to the pharmacy area of the grocery store, and this California girl ask for a box of Mucinex-D. To which the pharmacy clerk states, do you have a prescription? To which, I say no. In that short silence, the Pharmacist has now come over to support the clerk, as if I am a threat. I am literally standing there, at a loss for what is going on, and they are looking me up and down, like I am asking for… I don’t know…hardcore drugs? I asked, what is going on? To which they said, you can only get Sudafed medicine with a prescription. I was like, you’re kidding right?!? It went downhill from there… So, the moral of this story is, bring the good cold medicine with you to Oregon.
  6. Alcohol – apparently, you can only buy hard alcohol from state stores, and it is much more costly than most states. A lot of Oregonians drive to California to stock up on their booze. Which is ironic, since an adult beverage in an Oregon bar is about half the price I paid in Los Angeles.
  7. Recycling – in California we had trash cans for trash, recycle and yard waste. Here is a whole different method. But most importantly, when you buy bottles and cans that bear the recycle symbol, you pay a 10 cents fee for each. You want that money back, sure no problem, you take your perfectly shaped cans (apparently, they cannot be bent), and bottles to an Oregon recycling center to get your 10 cents back. I have yet to go, but apparently throwing a can in the trash can is extremely frown upon. (Opps)
  8. Rivers – Ladies & Gentlemen, the river is amazing. It is beautiful, majestic, and just a quick drive brings you there. Actually the whole town has rivers and creeks throughout out it, which means there are some cool bridges here too!               
  9. Pump Gas – Love pumping your own gas, don’t move to Oregon, they pump it for you here. Loving that feature.
  10. Beaches – The beaches here are beautiful, but they are not surrounded by Palm Trees. Here they are surrounded by Pine Trees. Think the beach from the Twilight movies, La Push.
  11. Sale tax, nope not here!

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